Changing the mental health
picture for young adults
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"If you're wasting your time seeking help that's
not available, it's very discouraging. I didn't see recovery…
I only saw my life ending."
Stella's Place Young Adult Forum 2011 Participant

“There are mental health issues that are going
on when you’re a young adult that are
very different from people who are a lot older.”
Stella's Place Young Adult Advisory Council 2014 Member


Initiated by young adults and their families, Stella’s Place will deliver core clinical mental health services in a positive, peer-driven and recovery-focused setting.

Stella’s Place Toronto will be the first community-based, comprehensive, integrated mental health assessment and treatment service for young adults in Canada. We will be a critical touchstone and supportive lifeline to more than 500 young adults and their families each year.

Stella’s Place is a registered charity and a non-profit organization. The first Stella’s Place will open in Toronto in 2016, although some programs will be phased in earlier. There will be no cost for services.


Young adults between 16 and 29 who have mood and anxiety disorders and other mental health needs (but don’t need crisis or acute in-patient services), who want connection, assessment, access to treatment and support along their recovery path.


An online and street-front café with a peer-driven, recovery-focused culture will be the front door to the community-based hub where young adults will connect, access treatment, learn and stay healthy.

Stella’s Place will not be a residential program, but will offer peer support, clinical, wellness and vocational programs and connection online and on site during day and evening hours. The first Stella’s Place will be located in downtown Toronto, with a plan to expand across Ontario.

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"Sunnybrook recognizes the need for a solution to the growing
crisis among the young adult population with complex mood
disorders. Stella’s Place will offer an excellent comprehensive
program specific to this age group." Ari Zaretsky, MD FRCPC Psychiatrist-in-Chief Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

The Need

There is a Stella. In fact, there are many Stellas. In Toronto alone, there are close to 510,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 29.

Approximately 20% of these – or 100,000 – will have mental health needs. Today, sadly, only about one in six of those in need receive any mental health treatment and support.

At Stella’s Place we wanted to understand why so few were getting help. We engaged an independent researcher and assembled a team of mental health experts and professionals – including representatives from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the Hincks-Dellcrest Treatment Centre – and did an environmental scan of the support services and programs available for young adults in Toronto, in Canada and internationally. We learned that we need engaging, young adult-oriented, online and accessible programs. There are highly successful evidence-based practices in other countries which are not available in Canada yet.

The Program

Our multidimensional approach, including evidence-based clinical, wellness, vocational, mindfulness and arts programming, is based on extensive international research and consultation with young adults, families and mental health experts in Toronto. The program will be driven by young adults.

We will engage young adults by pairing a street-front hub with a dynamic, interactive website and a full range of evidence-based assessment, treatment and recovery services to help them get back on track.

Young adults will have access to peer support, to clinical staff including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and to other wellness experts. Transition coaches will help young people navigate through their recovery process and make connections in the community.

Young people will design their own flexible program at the hub based on their needs and goals. They will be able to connect online and may come to Stella’s Place on a drop-in, part-time or full-time basis, depending on their stage of recovery.

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Our Leaders

Board of Directors
Donna Green Founder & President,
Stella's Place Co-owner & Director,
Greenrock Investments Ltd. President, Director & Secretary,
Glittering Investments Ltd.

Marylee O’Neill Co-founder & Vice-President,
Stella's Place Managing Partner & Advisor,
Intersect International

Jenny Carver Executive Director,
Stella's Place Mental Health Program & Development Consultant

Megan Evans Secretary & Director,
Stella's Place Chief Legal & Risk Officer,
The Hospital for Sick Children

Martha J. Tory Treasurer & Director,
Stella's Place Senior Partner,
Ernst & Young

Kathryn Elton Director,
Major Giving, The Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

Dr. Mario Cappelli Director of Mental Health & Psychiatry Research,
CHEO Clinical Director,
Summit Centre

Kari MacKay Partner,
Goodmans LLP
Leadership Advisory Council Dr. Simon Davidson Chief, Strategic Planning Executive of the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health
Senior Advisor on Mental Health Policy and System Improvement, CHEO
Alan Greenberg CEO, Minett Real Estate Services
Co-Founder & Chairman, GreenSoil Investments
Dr. Marshall Korenblum Chief of Psychiatry
Hincks-Dellcrest Centre
Dr. Anthony Levitt Chief, Brain Sciences Program
Medical Director, Family Navigation Project
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Patrick McGorry Director of Orygen Youth Health and
Orygen Youth Health Research Centre Victoria, Australia
Karen Minden, C.M., Ph.D. Founder
Pine River Institute & The Pine River Foundation
Jaime Watt Executive Chairman
Navigator Ltd.
Dr. Ari Zaretsky Psychiatrist-in-Chief
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Founding Parents' Council Donna Green Founder and President
Stella's Place
Marylee O'Neill Co-Founder and Vice-President
Stella's Place
Diane McKenzie Program Development Specialist
PhD Candidate, Mental Health Program
Stephanie Merrin Management Consultant Ellie Perkins, Ph.D Economist and
Professor, York University
Dana Colson Doctor of Dental Surgery Vivian Bercovici Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto
Faculty of Law
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People Ari Zaretsky,
MD FRCPC Psychiatrist-in-Chief
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Catherine Zahn,
MD, FRCPC President and CEO
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Mike Colle,
  The Hon. Michael Kirby
Founding Chair
Partners for Mental Health

Simon Davidson,
M.B., B.Ch., FRCPC Regional Chief,
Specialized Psychiatric and Mental Health Services for Children and Youth CHEO

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We are working towards opening Stella's Place in partial capacity in 2015, and in full capacity in 2016. Startup programs, prior to establishing a location will include Peer Support, the Online Café, Core Clinical Team, Wellness and Recovery supports.

To reach this goal, your help is needed to raise the $12 million it will take to create and operate this innovative young adult mental health centre and its programs over the next four years. Please walk with us as we move forward and help young adults reclaim and manage their own lives and health.


We have many active volunteers, so current opportunities may be limited. However, as we build our programs, we will need you and will keep you posted as opportunities come up. Clicking the button below will give us your contact information so we can send you our volunteer form and keep in touch.

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